will (lightsbelow) wrote in listen2crew,

hmmmm, so today I listened to my new Jackson 5 "best of" cd and I was quite impressed. I have always loved their song "I want you back" (as far as I can remember hearing it) but I was surprised that every song was as good or almost as good as that.. the earlier stuff is better I think, though..

and later I listened to the song "get down" by b4-4 which is one of the greatest songs ever, with justin and kelly. I described it as the official theme song of good Will and Justin times.... it's ultra happy and catchy and the production is perfect but, like I said to kelly earlier, the best part is when you hear the chorus for the first time and realize it's just a retarded song about. er. listen for yourself if the title isn't obvious enough. good song, though.

and after much searching I have found that venga boys song that Justin was talking about.. "we like to party" aka "the venga bus"... it's really simple (to the point of being stupid) but weird in a way. at least to me. ah, late 90s dance pop. anyone in memphis (wait that's EVERYONE) remember 107.5, kiss fm? good times..
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