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i like snow its so fun and warms my cold cold heart

i never told a lie so great that would ever separate two people who actually love eachother, my name is dena, i'm from long island-new york, i'm sixteen tomarrow, hello.

bands i've worshipped this week: fugazi, blood brothers, hot hot heat, the white stripes, cursive, radiohead, coldplay, the buzzcocks, the yeah yeah yeahs, beck, brand new, the adicts, at the drive in, planet smashers, s.t.u.n.


the worst picture ever.

k. thanks.

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i dont even know if i can say yes or no yet, but i dont care.
dena is awesome.
lets have sex.
do you listen to stars or did you just say the word randomly?
i'll let you in if you've played kingdom hearts. if you haven't, i guess you're not getting myyyy vote.
I don't really like your music, except if that caps thing signifies you listen to the band Stars, and didn't just say that randomly.

I'm undecided.
I decided.
Fugazi, yep, buzzcocks, yep. The rest...nope. Thats just my two cents.
k whatev, i was asked to join this community and now i see i dont really want to be in it.

Re: Well...


14 years ago


Deleted comment

i just said i don't want to be in this community accepted or not. it's crappy.

Deleted comment

haha, ive noticed- also these are just bands from this week. i could list a lot mor "obscure" if i wanted to. i didn't realize this was such a snobby community.
yeah as opposed to those really GOOD livejournal communities that exist. if its a livejournal community, its crappy. it hasn't even STARTED yet its just applications, but yeah, BYE!
oh i forgot that everyone who listens to a few bands that are "obscure (god i hate that fucking word) are all total snobs and assholes. The bands I listed so far were the only really obscure ones, and i ACCEPTED YOU, so stop posting for christ's sake. go join another better LJAY community.
okay okay im making one last post though before i leave- im not that into lj communities,i only joiend cos jennie asked me to twice.


14 years ago


14 years ago