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For the Harry Potter fiend.

1. Robert Leonard
2. 17
3. Fort Worth, Texas, Texas(it's a whole 'nother country yall!)
4. Franz Ferdinand, Warren something something, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Wagner, Stravinsky, Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, Beethoven, Radiohead, Candy, Computer, Pen, Desk, Lamp.

Close enough.
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Good subject line, good interjection proceeding, definitely good job inserting random nouns in place of bands, and omg, u r s0 hawt.

No one votes here anymore, You'll probably be accepted with my one yes.
Uh, give me a stamp.
I have disowned this community, but I will now be "brutally elitist" at Lauren's request (and also pretend I don't know that you're actually a good, nice person who I like):

so, let me guess, you're smart?

Radiohead and Beethoven? Bowie and Stravinsky? you truly listen to the greatest music ever created. All other music is irrelevant compared to the artists on your list. You can stop right there, you already know the best music and you have no need to seek out anything new ever, until the next Radiohead or Wilco album at least.

Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground? apparently you already have pretty diverse taste.

It's true that you don't listen to anything really bad; it just seems like you don't really listen to much of anything at all. I know you probably enjoy all the stuff you listed quite a bit, it just seems like maybe listening to music isn't something you're very passionate about. Or if it is, I'd assume you only started listening to music no more than a year ago and spent most of the time since then learning that the music that most of your peers in highschool listened to was not very good, leaving you with this list of undeniably great music.

umplzdiekthxbye: oh oh, I like the point about the lack of devotion to music. IT IS LISTEN2CREW AFTER ALL. is this a yes?
lights below: no

I still want to be friends, though! (not sarcasm..incase it sounded that way)

...that was awesome.